Music videos

I can honestly say I hardly did any music videos back when I lived and worked in Chicago. When I moved out here, my first gig was gaffing a music video. I have gaffed tons of them since then and even been lucky enough to shoot a few. Sometimes we think music videos have to be complicated or with huge lighting setups or with a big budget…but fuck that. One of my favorite videos I’ve worked on in the last year was a very small budget music video with a solid concept. It was literally only the DP, Brett Pawlak, and myself (besides the director, producer and MAU). We shot it in a 10 hour span. I think it looks fucking dope.

We used 2 medium par cans, a 600w openface mole, a 4×4 kino through a 4x frame of 250, a couple of practical lamps, and a hazer. All effects were done in camera (those secrets are not mine to spill).

Boom. Lies by Deap Valley.


The Jem-ball

My most recent discovery and current favorite lighting fixture is the Jem-Ball.

There are a couple other fixtures out there on the market that are very similar in form and function to the Jem-ball — such as the traditional Paper China Lantern, and Chimera makes a couple of kinds of Pancake lanterns — however, the reason why Jem-balls win out for me is because they have multiple kinds of diffusion cloth to choose from. My favorite’s being Bleached and Un-Bleached Muslin. They also have a JokerBug adapter kit so you can have a really soft daylight fixture that is very simple to set up.

They have a lovely wrap on the face and make huge bright eye lights that just really pop the eyes. Great for high-key commercials.

Musballs (what I like to call them) have become one of my favorite fixtures out there.

Cheers people.

As much as

I know it has been forever since I’ve posted, and I thank all you few people who visit this blog for continuing to use it as a resource in my time of absence. This self-appointed vacation I have taken from this blog will disappear in the coming weeks and months.

For as much as I love posting links, I think I am going to start also talking about the kind of lights and lighting scenarios I am currently using and enjoying.

Time to get weird with me guys.

Art Adams – Basics of Bouncing Light

This is a very simple and straight forward article. I, myself have been a huge fan of bouncing for years, but I actually learned something from this article and it just goes to show that even if you do something often and think you know all there is to know about it, you don’t.