Hey to the small few who are interested in this type of thing.

I have been inspired to write about my experiences as a Director of Photography and share them with anyone who wants to read them. They will include lighting breakdowns, motif’s I aspired to uphold, and camera choices (angles/positions) as well as some still images from these productions to demonstrate what I’m talking about.

I can’t promise that this will be updated often, but I will make the best effort to make each post worth taking the time to read. My love of cinematography comes from DoP’s who are far beyond what I am currently capable of, but who are willing to share their insider information and their overall set experiences, and I want to be able to do the same for others. Figured I might as well start when I know very little and see how it grows to when I know a lot.

Cheers to those who are looking to make our profession better, and especially to those who end up doing exactly that. I know it’s one of my top goals.