My most recent discovery and current favorite lighting fixture is the Jem-Ball.

There are a couple other fixtures out there on the market that are very similar in form and function to the Jem-ball — such as the traditional Paper China Lantern, and Chimera makes a couple of kinds of Pancake lanterns — however, the reason why Jem-balls win out for me is because they have multiple kinds of diffusion cloth to choose from. My favorite’s being Bleached and Un-Bleached Muslin. They also have a JokerBug adapter kit so you can have a really soft daylight fixture that is very simple to set up.

They have a lovely wrap on the face and make huge bright eye lights that just really pop the eyes. Great for high-key commercials.

Musballs (what I like to call them) have become one of my favorite fixtures out there.

Cheers people.