I can honestly say I hardly did any music videos back when I lived and worked in Chicago. When I moved out here, my first gig was gaffing a music video. I have gaffed tons of them since then and even been lucky enough to shoot a few. Sometimes we think music videos have to be complicated or with huge lighting setups or with a big budget…but fuck that. One of my favorite videos I’ve worked on in the last year was a very small budget music video with a solid concept. It was literally only the DP, Brett Pawlak, and myself (besides the director, producer and MAU). We shot it in a 10 hour span. I think it looks fucking dope.

We used 2 medium par cans, a 600w openface mole, a 4×4 kino through a 4x frame of 250, a couple of practical lamps, and a hazer. All effects were done in camera (those secrets are not mine to spill).

Boom. Lies by Deap Valley.