Rodney Taylor, ASC. short video

Simple. I’ll let him do the talking.
Hear how he got started and how he works with aspiring cinematographers…


Stephen Murphy, DoP

This is a quick one, but Stephen Murphy is a DoP, and rather distinguished at that, out of the UK.  He shot a movie called Coward and here is his write up after the shoot.

Quick video on Gregg Toland’s genius.

You know, so often I hear DP’s who want to showcase that they can do the ordinary shots really, really well. I come under the impression far more often that I love trying to do crazy/stupid/ridiculous shots, lighting techniques or camera moves for the sake of trying to better the story in ways I can’t fathom yet. Gregg Toland is one of my idols for this very reason. I am in no way shape or form saying that I am on any level that Toland is, but this man, pushed cinematography forward in so many ways. Cheers Gregg, wish I could have shaken your hand.

Michael Cioni & Ian Vertovec on “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” 4K post pipeline



Light Iron is a post production company that is on the cutting edge of the post workflow world. They were doing a 4K DI in realtime, which is an insane amount of data. But, its good to know thats possible because with the F65 coming out, there are post houses that need to be able to handle this type of throughput and the guys at Light Iron are 100% on top of it. Very impressive. Check out the article from Creative Cow where they explain it all…

F&D Times 2011 roundup

Jon Fauer, ASC consistently has some of the most simple and unbiased articles on gear, giving facts, specs, and manufacturer insights to their products. In this issue of the magazine, he does an IBC 2011 overview and a roundup of all the major product releases in our industry this calendar year. Read it for yourself. I highly recommend it. 

Building home made lights that are awesome…

I’m going to be using this as a place where I’ll continuously update the world on geniusly simple home made lights that work really well and are fun to make. Minus the ever famous China Lantern (one of my favorites), I’m looking to add to my arsenal of home made lights and so the quest begins.

Thanks to Shane Hurlburt, ASC for openly saying a number of times over that if the light works, it works no matter what it is. Also, his lights are badass. And crazy simple.

Next up: still to be discovered…if you have any, please share!!

History lesson in the first to 4K…

The Dalsa Origin was the original digital cinema camera that offered 4K resolution. Despite its whale-like size, there seems to be nothing but good things said about it’s image and dynamic range.
NHK (an extremely forward thinking Japanese broadcasting company) requisitioned Dalsa (at the time, early 2000s, they were/are a premier semiconductor designer)  to design them a sensor that met the 4K x 2K resolution requirements. Only Dalsa kept the intellectual rights and then used the sensor to make it’s own camera from the ground up. It was to much to early, and “too big”.